to do [[[[[[[[today]]]:

  • sleeeeeeeeeepppp
  • find new layout that isnt dumb
  • so much reading for final papers omgsh
  • maybe procrastinate by drawing out PSR sigil prolly
  • finish dormpaperworkstuff?
  • h&cs counseling session
  • talk to zak ?? (hopefirry)
  • ???
  • ☽ `°˙º˚´* void *`˚º˙°´ ☾



  • eyeliner that you slept in 
  • FPH
  • self-preservation


  • Jaime Lannister
  • turkey burgers
  • 9AM

(via absolute-lithops)

4:45am library cig is as sad as it looks.

why are there more people in the APL at 4:30 than there were at 2:00?


representation of queerplatonic relationships is very important


i’m sort of in the middle of a project that involves mental illness in a really intense and visceral way and it is incredibly stressful and almost triggering. i’ve been putting it off but now its due at 9am, so i have to do it.

and i’ve decided to not worry about how many cigarettes i smoke and farmville breaks i take, as long as it gets done and i never have to think about this fucking play ever again.